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The Best Tea Benefits



The other most consumed beverage apart from water in the world is tea. The tea extract and especially the green tea is rapidly becoming the main ingredient in the dieting pills. One can smell this aroma and sip on a cup of this freshly steeped tea, and you can also experience its effectiveness through the dietary supplements. There are many benefits of consuming the green tea, and it also has the power to combat diseases.  Some of the people who discovered the benefits of drinking the green tea are the Chinese people. This is one of the beverages of choice in Japan, China, and Korea. They have discovered the positive effects that drinking green tea can have on

most vital body organs and the most important being your heart.


The green tea comes from the Camellia Sinensis plant the same as the black and the oolong tea. These leaves are harvested green, then they are steamed to reduce oxidation, dried, and they are rolled. The black and the oolong teas are made from this same plant. There is a slight difference though, such that the black and the oolong tea leaves are fermented as part of the curing process which will then produce different flavors. In the process, the oxidation takes place again although this can reduce some important compound in the tea leafs. Learn More!


The advantages of green tea come from the Polyphenols or the Flavonoids and the most essential being the Catechins and the most powerful catechin is referred to as the EGCG, and this will provide the beneficial anti-carcinogenic and antioxidant functions. The health benefits of green tea are from the EGCG compound.  It is a Strong antioxidant, and it also contains tocopherols, the ascorbic acid which is vitamin C, Carotenoids, and also has minerals like zinc, selenium, manganese among the other phytochemical compound.  Just like the resveratrol antioxidant that is found in the grapes the EGCG antioxidant is twice as powerful and it will protect you from heart disease. The green tea will be very useful for the prevention and also the control of cancer and heart disease. These cancers can include the esophageal, pancreatic, prostate, breast, lung and colorectal cancer. It also lowers the blood pressure and the reduction of the blood clotting, and this reduces the chances of you having potential strokes. It also decreases the harmful cholesterol levels and limits the effects of smoking, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and also repairs an impaired immune system. Tea also strengthens the tooth enamel, and prevents cavities, accumulated plaque, and gingivitis. Learn More here!


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